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Ayati Trust gets the support of Celebrity Magicians

Las Vegas Headliner, Xavier Mortimer rocks at Knight of Illusions 2017

Xavier Mortimer holds a Note Pad that reads who's got my balls at Knight of Illusions 2017
Xavier Mortimer with his Amazing Prediction Act

Yasas Gunaratne once again produced KNIGHT of ILLUSIONS 2017, to raise funds and awareness for Ayati Trust Sri Lanka, the centre of excellence for children with disabilities. The show was endorsed by former Cricket Captain of Sri Lanka, Kumar Sangakkara.

The show once again featured International Celebrity Magicians. Xavier Mortimer, headlining at the time at Planet Hollywood-Las Vegas, performed his famous Shadow act, an amazing prediction and a Diabolo juggling act.

Xavier Mortimer juggling his Diabolo at Knight of Illusions 2017
Xavier Mortimer with his Diabolo Act

Magic Guru, Former International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) President and Comedy Magician, Michael Finney kept the audience bellies in stitches. He performed his famous rope routine with several amazing effects engaging the audience.

Michael Finney performing a funny card trick to a spectator on stage who had no clue the selected card was on the forehead.
Michael Finney with a spectator on stage

Colour was added to the stage by the lovely Canadian couple Neil and Ashley, who tour the world on famous cruises such as the Royal Caribbean. They performed an appearance of Ashley, an impossible umbrella penetration, and an escape act with the audience's involvement and kept the night interested.

Neil and Ashley performing the Linking Rings in their own flavour
The famous Linking Rings in Mega-size

Yasas performed an amazing prediction on stage and kept the audience involved with his own Magic and was followed by Hannibal the Magic Warrior in an entertaining act of the oldest trick in the world, the Cups and Balls.

Yasas is seen showing his prediction of the kid finding the same colours.
Yasas performing an amazing prediction with a kid

The amazing team of Magicians at Knight of Illusions once again not only entertained Sri Lankan audiences but also raised funds an awareness for a social cause.

The performers of KNIGHT of ILLUSIONS 2017, Xavier Moretimer, Michael Finney, Neil and Ashley, Yasas Gunaratne, Hannibal the Magic Warrior
Knight of Illusions 2017 - Amazing performers

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