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First ever Magic Show to Donate Rs.1,1 Million to Charity

Updated: Jun 25

"Knight of Illusion Returns" donated Rs.1,100,000 to the new Cancer Treatment Centre project in Kandy, Sri Lanka

One Million One Hundred Thousand cheque in favour of Cancer Treatment Centre Kandy by Knight of Illusions
Donation made to the Cancer Treatment Centre in Kandy, Sri Lanka

The Knight of Illusions Team raised Rs.1,100,000 as a donation towards the Cancer Treatment Centre of Kandy. This donation was handed over to Mr.Mohan Samarakoon and the special project team on the 2nd of May 2016 of the Cancer Society Kandy at the Cancer Home Kandy.

The cheque handing over to the Cancer Treatment Committee by Yasas Gunaratne to Mr.Mohan Samarakoon and Ms.Samudra Hemachandra
Donation to the Cancer Treatment Committee

This was possible as a result of the Knight of Illusions Returns a show that was a historical event in the Magic industry of Sri Lanka. This show was Directed and Produced by Yasas Gunaratne the founder of Knight of Illusions. The show featured Two-Times World Champion Magician, Shawn Farquhar and World Champions, America's Got Talent Runners-Up, The Clairvoyants - Thommy Ten & Amelie Van Tass.

Featuring Shawn Farquhar, The Clairvoyants- Thommy Ten & Amelie with Yasas Gunaratne and Hannibal the Magic Warrior
Knight of Illusions Returns 2016, Performers

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