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The Directors' Night touched by Hollywood Magic

Danny Cole, star performer at the Magic Castle of Hollywood in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Institute of Directors Annual Dinner 2018 was entertained by KNIGHT of ILLUSIONS featuring Magic Castle, Hollywood star performer Danny Cole. The Dinner Theatre Magic experience was enjoyed by the Audience for the very first time in Sri Lanka.

Yasas Gunaratne, Founder of KNIGHT of ILLUSIONS opened the show with a levitating box act and later entertained the audience with his Mentalism act.

Yasas Gunaratne puts an audience member in to a tranz during his mentalism performance at Knight of Illusions 2018 at SLID
Yasas Hypnotising a spectator on stage

Danny & Stacy had a joint act followed by an act by Stacy herself. This added colour to the entire night with the butterfly theme.

Danny Cole and wife Stacy at Knight of Illusions 2018 at Sri Lanka Institute of Directors Annual Dinner 2018
Danny & Stacy Ending the performance

Hannibal the Magic Warrior was able to end the performance with his serious comedy act.

Hannibal the Magic Warrior performing sheer luck of Shawn Farquhar
Hannibal the Magic Warrior back to back with a spectator

The entire night was a unique experience for the Sri Lankan audiences. Especially, a senior C-Level audience that had witnessed international acts praised the KNIGHT of ILLUSIONS crew and performers for the standard of the acts.

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