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"Knight of Illusions Returns", changed Magic in Sri Lanka

Updated: Jun 24

International Celebrity Magicians perform in Sri Lanka for the first time.

Shawn Farquhar, The Clairvoyants Thommy Ten and Amelie with Yasas Gunaratne and Hannibal
World Champion Magicians at Knight of Illusions Returns 2016.

In 2016 Yasas Gunaratne, Founder of KNIGHT of ILLUSIONS made history by having the first-ever exclusive Magic Performance with World Champion Magicians in Sri Lanka. The show was raised to build funds for the then-new Cancer Treatment Center in Kandy.

The show featured Shawn Farquhar a Two Times World Champion Magician and Grand Prix Winner of International Federation of Magic Societies (FISM) - Beijing 2009, considered the Olympics of Magic. He was also the former President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM). In addition, he is one of the few who have fooled Penn & Teller in their popular TV Series Fool Us. You can watch the episodes here- First Performance and Second Performance. He had also been featured in the Ellen Show.

Shawn Farquhar performing his signature world championship Grand prix act, shape of my Heart
Shawn Farquhar performing his World Champion Act- Shape of my Heart

World Famous The Clairvoyants were also the highlight of the show. Thommy Ten & Amélie Van Tass Performed the Signature act that won them the World Championship Grand Prix at FISM Italy in 2015. They emerged winners after 30 years of non-awarding anyone in the mentalism category. When they performed at Knight of Illusions returned they had auditioned for America's Got Talent Season - 11 where they became the Runner-up.

Amélie van Tass ready to get blind folded.
Amélie van Tass Amazingly performing her Act

Yasas Gunaratne the Founder of KNIGHT of ILLUSIONS, performed a daring escape in a crystal trunk with an act that fights an evil force that tries to rob the Magical sceptre. Also, the show introduced Trevin Hannibal (Now known as Hannibal the Magic Warrior) with International Acts.

The show broke many records as the highest-valued Magic show in Sri Lanka, Most paid audience in one show, the first ever show to feature World Champion Magicians in Sri Lanka and the first magic show to raise Rs.1,100,000.00 towards a charity project.

The entire cast of the KNIGHT of ILLUSIONS Returns who on stage
The entire KNIGHT of ILLUSIONS Crew on stage

About KNIGHT of ILLUSIONS Returns - 2016

The show was performed on the 20th of February 2016 at the Museaus College Auditorium, Sri Lanka, and was graced by the then Speaker of Parliament H.E.Karu Jayasooriya. The same event awarded the first-ever Knight of Illusions Challenge Trophy to the winner Sumangala Silva.

Poster display of Knight of Illusions Returns 2016
Media Coverage by Life Online

A glimpse of behind the scenes of the show

Press Coverage

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