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Franz Harary, Michael Jackson's special effects guru

Michael Jackson had his own Illusions consultant to awe the audience

Franz Harary Mega Illusionist appears 6 girls in suspended hoops hug in air
Franz Harary Appears Girls in Mid Air

Franz Harary, an accomplished illusionist and illusion designer has been one of Michael Jackson's secrets of success. At a very young age, Franz Harary sent a tape of his illusions created for football stadiums, to Michael Jackson. Days after he heads to Los Angeles to meet Michael Jackson and kicks starts his illusion consultant role with the Victory Tour.

Since then he has worked with Pop superstars like Justin Bieber, Usher, Missy Elliot, Madonna, *NSYNC, etc... in building concert illusions. He is considered not only an Illusion consultant but also a mega Illusionist himself, performing in large stadiums for over 15,000 audiences per show.

His greatest Illusions are disappearing a NASA space shuttle at Kennedy Space Center in front of onlookers which was the finale for NBC's highest-rated TV special of the year, Vanishing Taj Mahal in front of 400 million viewers, building a $7,000,000 levitating "The Orb" at Studio City in Macau (Seen below).

Yasas Gunaratne, Founder of Knight of Illusions was honoured to be invited to Franz Harary's House of Magic, Macau in 2015 to witness the grand opening.

Yasas Gunaratne is seen to be with Franz Harary at House of Magic in Macau
Yasas Gunaratne meeting Franz Harary at the House of Magic Macau

Watch this exclusive interview done by Yasas with Franz Harary. The interview talks about the never-before-published stories of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch and projects Franz had worked on.

If you want a Theme Park Show production, Casino Show Production, Illusions for Corporate Entertainment, Concert Effects or Mega Illusions Franz Harary is the man. Speak to us at Knight of Illusions and we will make this a reality.

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